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a letter from the founder

imagine you could create with and for people sharing the same values and believes like you. people you love to interact with. people you look up to & whom you can blindly trust. imagine whenever you work, you are with friends.

and I do not mean this in a community of convenience way. I talk about pure joy and unmasked purity with the people around you.

as we build our house on honesty, let me be honest with you dear reader.

I saw the ugly truth of agency life - I saw great designers starving for possibilities to show their potential, because it never fit the need or budget. I saw account managers, over-pricing projects to meet the sales goals. and most of all: I saw CEOs claiming their agency to be the best in ... well everything. but the creative industry in like online dating. if someone claims all of it, run as fast as you can.

marielouise schuetz the PWRHS marilu
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